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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Isabella's Owl Halloween Photoshoot

My daughter Isabella loves I got a DIY bug up my butt and tried to make this owl costume for Halloween.  Fortunately we made it to this wonderful photoshoot where Juls Megill took the most darling shots....but sadly the "Fabric Glue" that was holding all the "Feathers" together...bit the dust when water from her sippy cup doused her lap.  

Oh well...there's still 3 days to find another outfit.  

Hope Everyone has a Safe & Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bridal Shower Tips...

An amazing and memorable bridal shower is probably the most important job the Maid of Honor has.  I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to do fun, silly things at parties that most people wouldn’t have even thought about doing. So here is my stab at a creative non-traditional bridal shower to remember!
While you know your girlfriend and bride-to-be better than almost anyone else out there, here are a few out-of-the-box suggestions on how to make sure her Bridal Shower is spectacular.
  1. Be Unique.  You know her best features, her quirks and her hiccups.  Take the time to show you care by steering away from the standard, everyday, boring, generic party and instead, choose the personality trait you love most about her and run with it.
  2. Make a Great Invitation. All parties start with an invitation.  Make yours great!  It will probably be something the bride will want to keep as a momento too, so this is one area that I don’t mind splurging on.   Purple Trail has a nice selection of bridal shower invites at competitive prices (about 40% lower than other popular sites!).  No need to “splurge” here!  Their online design studio is really comprehensive and allows you personalize each design extensively.  You even have the option of purchasing a digital download of your creation so you can print more if you need to later, or send them via email!  Shipping is a low flat rate of only $6.95 or free if you order over $50.
  3. Make a Memorable Gift. When you send out the invitations, ask your guests to mail or email you their favorite photo with themselves and the bride-to-be, by a certain date before the shower event.  You can then create a collage or a scrapbookto showcase your friend’s “before” life that she will most certainly cherish.  The best part of this is that you can include people and friends that won’t be able to attend as well!
    • If you aren’t crafty enough to do this by hand – that’s ok!  Just ask for digital pictures and then use a simple program like Smilebox to create a page for you!  If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, there are some really beautiful “digital scrapbook kits” that are amazing.  They are pre-made layouts that look like real scrapbook pages and all you do is insert photos!  Here is a sample from the Remember When Kit available here.
    • Click to enlarge
  4. Food and Drink. Once again, rely on the bride’s personality for this one.  No need to be spendy – a personal touch is going to be much more appreciated than caviar!  Is the bride super casual and a big sports fan with an uncanny affinity for BBQ type food?  Try serving mini gourmet burgers or “sliders”.  Dress them up by adding fancy toppings like avocado & bacon, blue cheese or carmelized onions and serving them with an edible flower on the side :)   Serve beer in champagne glasses!  If you want to ooo and ahhh them with special treat – chocolate dipped strawberries are really easy and inexpensive to make!
  5. Set the Mood.  Itune Playlists make the best background music.  Include her favorite songs and the songs that make you both look at each other and laugh because “remember when…”.  
  6. Games and Activities. Games or no games?  Personally, I like games.  But I don’t like the lame, boring ones that everyone does.
    • Want to try something different?  Instead of a game – do this group activity instead!  Have everyone make a garter belt for the bride!  Wouldn’t it be funny if when the groom lifted her dress to fetch it, she was wearing 10 or 15 of them – all made by her friends?  Here are some easy no-sew instructions here.  This is a fun way for everyone to get to know one another, without having to play some dumb game of bingo.
  7. Party Favors. I always like to make sure that if I go through the trouble of buying something for someone, that they are going to use it!!  I just don’t see the point in spending money on “traditional” party favors that people are just going to throw away.  Give your guests a choice and offer a few different favors.
    1. Make extra copies of the Itunes Playlist that you’re going to play during the party.  I guarantee several people will love the music and ask about it.  They’ll be thrilled to take a copy home!
    2. Another great, inexpensive idea is to buy some $25 Gift Certificates to popular local restaurants.  You can often score these for only $2 each and they’ll surely be a hit!
    3. You could ask guests to bring a small girly gift under $5 and play White Elephant.
  8. Capture Everything. Have a digital camera available and pass it around during the party.  Ask each guest to take a minimum of 10 pictures each before passing it on.  Make it a rule to NOT take any “posed” photographs.  They should all be candid or creative shots.  The bride will love the variety of photos that result from this – because everyone has a different creative eye!  Get everyone’s email address and post the collection of pictures online for everyone to enjoy later!
  9. Gifts. Traditionally, one portion of the shower is dedicated to watching the opening of presents.  Some people enjoy this, some don’t.  I’d ask the bride what she wants to do.  I personally HATE opening presents in front of people and I hate putting my guests through that.  Feel free to skip this portion if you want and leave a sign at the present table that says “Thanks so much for your gift! My gift to you is that you don’t have to watch me open it!”
  10. Timing is Everything. Short and sweet is usually a good way to go.  2-3 hours is usually a good goal to shoot for.
Thanks you

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chalk Thought Bubble...

Say it loud and say it proud! These delightful little thought bubbles are perfect for any occasion! Great for a little photobooth at a party, conversation starters for a big dinner, or an adorable accessory for wedding photos! 

Write whatever you want to let the world know exactly what's on your mind (and look cute doing it)!Find it at

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank You Very Much...

Gilt City is offering up to 40% off Papeterie Wedding Stationary.

Founded by Creative Director Kimberly Chiu in 2004, the folks at Papeterie are dedicated to working extremely closely with their clients: referring to each and every customer by their name, and offering unparalleled flexibility. Designs are created and produced in-house meaning the highest in quality control for the paper, ink and printing method: justifying the company’s distinguished list of famed fans like Jessica Alba, who chose their lavender wildflower paper to decorate her baby-shower invites in 2008. Gracing pages everywhere from The Knot and Lucky to InStyle Weddings and Martha Stewart’s Bride’s Guide, they’re serving up some seriously coveted cardstock.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leila & Michael. October 16, 2010

Mother Nature had something else in mind today...but the Ceremony was a go outside and the setting could not have been more romantic with the floating candlelit aisle, foggy coastline and slight rainfall.  The Wedding Party consisted of Leila & Michael's wonderful children and they each read a verse and shared in a Unity Sand Ceremony.  Special Thanks to the talented TMK AllStar Band and the up-for-anything Photographer, Adam Sjoberg of Ira Lippke Studios, who kindly flew in from NY.  Big shout out to Jennifer and The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel for unparalleled service.

Here's a sneak peak...real photos will soon follow ;)

Cake by Ritz-Carlton
3 Tiered Square
Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with Buttercream Filling
Pastry Chef wrote their names on the White Chocolate Surfboard

Florals by Square Root
Centerpieces of Cream Roses, White Hydrangea, White Lilies and White/Green Orchids
Bridal Bouquet
Bridesmaids Bouquets

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bachelor/Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt?

My Clients are always looking for new ideas for shared Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. This new theater tour sounds like quite the adventure...

Accomplice Hollywood...part walking tour, part game and part theater. Accomplice productions are unlike anything found in a theater, sending its audience on an actual journey through the streets of the city. Armed with a few initial bits of information, participants are sent on a mission, aided by clues and mysterious cast members strewn throughout various locations such as streetcorners, bars, out of the way shops, and seedy alleys. Audiences in groups of up to 10 traverse the city streets, piecing together clues of a meticulously crafted plot.

The Accomplice sites, naturally are kept secret - it's all part of the fun.
Who's in on it? Who's not? Accomplice is an experience you won't soon forget. "Not enough information," you say? Trust us—the fun is in the surprises.
Each production is a unique adventure, and no previous knowledge of other Accomplice shows is necessary.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Irvine Park, October 10, 2010

October is my favorite month.  My husband and I were married in October, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I just love all things FALL.  We took my daughter to Irvine Park over the weekend for the Pumpkin Festival and I was reminded of how quickly time flies.  The last time we tried to put her on a pony ride she screamed...this time she was petting the horse and waving for pictures.  She loved trying to pick up all the pumpkins (I was worried she was going to get a hernia) and she led us through the haystack maze.  On the train she waved to all the kids and chatted (in toddler babble) about her adventures.  It was the perfect day ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me (and Ken)

Four Years... and I think i'll keep him around.  :)
But on a serious note, he's the friend who keeps me centered when I feel like i'm being pulled in a thousand different directions.  He's the man who can make my world seem instantly more wonderful with just a smile.  We had some ups and downs this year but we learned how to communicate better and we got through it.  He is my partner, my lover and my friend and I look forward to whatever life throws at us because I know we can handle it.  I love you (like a fat kid loves cake)!

Thank you to Rebecca of PaperBleu on for helping me customize a typography word art print of all the places we've lived together and husband loved it and the framed version hangs proudly in our Living Room.