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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Smash or Not to Smash (the Cake)...

Sometime before making your way to your wedding cake and picking up the serving pieces, the question should arise: To smash or not to smash? For some, it seems integral to starting off the marriage on the right foot. They believe that whoever smashes the greatest quantity of cake in their partner’s face will have more control in the marriage. We wish them well…

For others, the grooms in particular, smashing the cake in their beloved’s face can be the quickest route to honeymooning on the couch, a lonely place. The grooms are frequently the most hesitant on whether or not they should smear the cake on their new spouse. Somehow, they have not been able to deduce whether the blushing bride will appreciate the joke.
Photograph by Daniel Min, Virginia bride and groom wedding cake fight 
Often, however, to smash or not to smash is a completely spontaneous decision—making it all the more eventful. Either scenario brings out immediate responses. Daniel Min, a WPJA member based in Virginia, USA, says, “I want the couple to express their true emotions. The best pictures are when I’m capturing the real feelings.” That happens when the couple allows their inhibitions to go away.
You can see this in Min’s award winning photograph of a bride and groom who have just smashed one another with a bit of cake. Min did not see this spontaneous display of emotions coming. He explains that it was a very small wedding and that during the entire event both bride and groom were reserved. Then the cake-cutting time came and something clicked—or snapped. Handfuls of cake went through the air and onto one another’s faces. The laughter roared and Min got this wonderful, action-filled photograph.
Photograph by Srinivasa Regeti, Virginia of bride with cake on face
Photo by Srinivasa Regeti
Srinivasa Regeti, a Virginia, USA-based wedding photographer, knows this dynamic well, and his award-winning photograph is testament to that. Regeti says the guests held the groom while the bride got her shot at him—a scenario which can wreak havoc on the couple’s clothes, hair and make-up. In under a minute, all the time, energy and finances that the bride and groom may have invested in their appearance can go down the drain, so to speak. Know when to draw the line during the cake cutting; but if you aren’t sure what that line is, be sure to find out. Regeti says, “Usually, when prospective clients see that picture, the bride tells the groom not to even think about it.”
If getting smeared with cake is not what you anticipated when you said your “I dos,” then there are other ways to keep the cake cutting from getting out of hand. Regeti has noticed that usually when the cake is brought out earlier in the evening, the entire event remains well organized and in control. Conversely, when it happens late in the evening (when libations may have been freely flowing for a longer time), things can get a little crazy.
—by Lauren Ragland for the Wedding Photojournalist Association

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forget the China...Register for A Honeymoon

Traveler’s Joy has made it super easy to set up your honeymoon registry. Using one of their pre-made theme-based (think beach or safari) or location specific (think Bali or Ireland) registries, you can instantly add items and experiences with a single click. And because Traveler’s Joy allows you to register for any portion of your honeymoon, 
you’re not limited to flights or hotel stays. Register for luggage, a video camera, 
even surf boards or snorkeling gear!

Not only has Traveler’s Joy streamlined the registry set-up process, their system also makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift portions. Dying to take a $400 helicopter tour of Kauai? You can split it into 4 gifts of $100, making it possible for friends and family to contribute to big ticket items and experiences. think one of the coolest things about Traveler’s Joy is the way that it involves your loved ones in your honeymoon adventure. When you’re sending Aunt Judy that thank you note, you can include a photo from the gondola trip (maybe a photo taken with that snazzy new camera you registered for…). So if you already have a house full of kitchen appliances and bath linens (or even if you don’t), Traveler’s Joy is the perfect way for wedding guests to give you something really, really special.

**This post sponsored by Traveler’s Joy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Manzanita Centerpieces

Image Courtesy of The French Bouquet

Paul Johnson Photography

 I am so sorry but I do not know who to give credit for the above two images...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Newspaper Wedding Invite

These wedding invitations from Vanessa at Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations are so creative.  The bride and goom, Lindsay and Jos, met at a comedy club and wanted to infuse their wedding invitations with both their sense of humor and the old-world romantic charm of their wedding venue.  Vanessa of Alchemy Events created a newspaper-inspired invitation suite, complete with horoscopes and funny pages!

From VanessaLind say and Jos were mar ried at Casa Romantica in San Clemente and wanted to bring in the roman­tic charm of the venue while also show ing off their sense of humor.  We cre ated a classic folded newspaper style invi­tation complete with various sections such to provide the guests with all of the impor tant and fun details of their wed­ding to follow. For the front page news we featured Lindsay and Jos in their dapper attire announcing the ‘merger’ that was to come.
We placed the actual invitation under the ‘Society’ section.  The invitation was printed on thick Italian paper with art nou veau style floral illustrations, showing that humor blends beautifully with a bit of luxury and class. In the ‘Local’ sec­tion, we created a review of the historical Casa Romantica and information about its legendary key hole entryway.
Under the ‘Classifieds’ sec tion Lindsay and Jos wrote personal ads describing each other.  Lindsay’s ad included: “SWF Seek ing: Must have a strong love of family and even stronger sense of humor. Chardon nay lover pre ferred. Knowl edge of clas sic rock manda tory.”  Some of Jos’s per sonal ad included “SWM Seek ing: Must love laughing, family and Penn State football. Can adapt to emotional change in male due to sports addiction.  Knowledge of 80’s music mandatory.”  We also created a horoscope predicting each guest’s future at the wedding.
For even more hilarious anecdotes we created a two page “Funnies Sec tion” with a jumbled word find, comics, and cross word puzzle revealing hidden and hilarious secrets about the couple and details of the wedding.
On the last page of the newspaper we provided guests with a lit tle helpful info such as the “Weather” forecast to aide in out fit selection and “Travel” section with direction and hotel review information.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a won der ful hol i day and New Year!
Here are some things I LOVE...